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Corsica road trip part deux - Al Fresco Holidays

Hi and welcome back to the second part of my Al Fresco Corsican road trip. As promised we are going to be looking at places to visit on the Cap, however before I go any further, I do need to discuss a very important and essential part of any road trip! the music, and which CD’S to bring. This is a must for these type of holidays. For my trip round the Cap of Corsica I will be listening to the Eagles Greatest Hits (my age is really showing now). What better than listening to  Take it Easy, Hotel Californa etc  whilst driving through beautiful Corsican country side?

Although it is always great to plan out itineraries before you go, I will always leave time in my schedule to go off on a whim for maybe something that catches my eye or looks interesting, such as places that are not always in the travel guides and great to explore, where you feel you have found something that only you know about and sometimes are happy to share, or just a little piece of the world you want to keep all for yourself!! However on this trip I do promise to report all finds.

Driving North from the site at Marina d’Erba Rossa, Ghisonaccia. Cap Corse is a 40km x 10km peninsula with attractive fishing villages. coastline and some great beaches. A ridge of mountains runs down the middle of the peninsula, with Mont Stello at the centre and at 1307 metres, its highest peak. The two sides are quite different: to the west the mountains reach right into the sea while the eastern side is gentler.

Macinaggio will be the furthest village I will be heading for, passing through picturesque Erbalunga with its small fishing harbour and also Santa Severa. Plage de Tamarone worth a visit also. When I get to Macinaggio, all the guide books I have been reaading all state that the very top of the Cap is quite difficult to access, so until I get there and explore it for myself, I will move on over to the west coast of the Island and the town of Pino.

Apparently the small town of  Pino gives you a sense of the tropics,  with its  Palm trees growing up the cliff face and  its houses all painted, pink, orange and yellow. Down at the marina it offers us  a fifteenth-century convent to explore along with the Saint-Marie church with its Baroque facade. The two  roads between Pino and Canari are supposed to have some of the most dramatic coastlines in the whole of Corsica with the D33 being the most scenic. I have also read about a little Romanesque chapel of the Santa Maria Assunta in the hamlet of Pieve, built at the end of the twelfth century: these will definately be getting a visit.

On the final part of my trip to the Cap I will be visiting St Florent. This they say is the St Tropez of Corsica: it’s a relaxing town with a lively promenade with boutiques (so handbag shopping for me), restaurants and cafes, all which are open till late in the summer.

So for now I think that may be quite a long day out of my busy schedule and suspect that I will probaly be adding another day for this part of the Island, however I do appreciate there is an awful lot more to see and visit on the Cap Corse but will have to add these when I am travelling and let you guys know on my return. Next instalment will be to let you all know how to get there – ferry, flights, car hire etc, -  I know a tad boring, but we need these details to be able to appreciate this beautiful Island.

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