Wine-tasting on the Cote d’Azur - Al Fresco Holidays

Once we have arrived at our french destination, and settled into our new home, first, we enjoy exploring the campsite… and then just outside ….then finding the Super-U, and the Hyper-U etc. And of course the local beaches. But eventually we start to think about driving a little further afield, to a local vineyard or two. Unfortunately my husband and I are a bit cowardly, not knowing which ones we should visit. Luckily, here we can follow the advice of Simon Woods (our local wine expert), to discover the tastes and origins of the best wines of the Provence and The Var, knowing two of the best vineyards to visit – Château Roubine and Domaine de Curebéasse. These are both about an hour’s drive of 4 of our campsites – La Baume, Domaine de Colombier, Esterel and Les Pecheurs.

Being familiar with the area, and a bit of a geographer at heart, I would even make a day of it, continuing further inland to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Gorge du Verdon (according to our french friends – second only to the Grand Canyon).

After a tour of the vineyard, and a few tastings, you can take a bottle or few back to sample whilst relaxing outside your luxury mobile home after your eventful day. Having decided on your favourites, maybe you will want to order some to be delivered on your return to the UK.

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