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At last!! Al Fresco goes Corsica - Al Fresco Holidays

Here begins part one of my Corsican road trip, let me start by saying I have been wanting to visit Corsica for as long as I have worked in travel, and let me tell you that is a very long time.  Unfortunately the powers that be in the airline industry decided that anyone North of Watford gap would have to travel to London if they ever wished to visit this Island, there are other options on how to get there but I will go into these at a later date. Now thanks to our friends at Easy Jet they are now offering flights out of Manchester to Bastia weekly from the 29.05.11.

So after years of nagging our parc contractor I have finally got my way and we are now offering, Marina d’ Erba Rossa a four star parc on the East coast some 86 km south of Bastia, the parc is directly on the beach. To say I am excited is not the word, flights and car hire booked and I am ready to rock and roll.

 The Road Trip

Now although I do like a little sunbathing, for me its all about the open road and exploring, the more miles the better, and with the stories I have heard about Corsica, I really need to see this Island for myself, the long white sandy beaches which apparently would give any Caribbean beach a run for its money, or the seascapes as dramatic as the Red porphyry Calanchess of the West Coast, or the White cliffs in the South. And crowing it all a mass of forested valleys flow out from the Islands granite spine, which rises to a mighty 2706m at Monte Cinto snow encrusted even at the height of summer. (Well this is what the guide book tells me)

So where do I start the island is 183km from North to South and 85km wide at its broadest point. The island can also be broke down into regions:

  1. Bastia and Northern Corsica
  2. The Balagne
  3. The Northwest
  4. The Ajaccio region
  5. Eastern Corsica
  6. Central Corsica
  7. The South

What I would like to do while in Corsica is visit somewhere in every region so I am seeing as much of the Island as I possibly can for the week that I am there. For now however I will just be concentrating on Bastia and the Northern region, over the coming weeks I will do more research on the places that I will be visiting and also discuss the other travel options available (Ferries other airports etc) on how to get to Corsica

Bastia and The northern region (Or Cap Corse)


I am thinking because I have so much to do and see in the week and because my flight arrives at silly o clock in the morning I will visit Bastia and Cap de Corse before I travel down to the holiday parc.

After lots of research I have decided that on arrival I will take a quick look around Bastia as I am already there, now reports on Bastia are that it can be very industrial as you are coming out of the airport and also around the ferry port as it is a working port. So I am going to head for the Vieux Port (the old port) below for a quick look round

Before moving onto the Place St Nicolas the main social hub open to the sea, tree lined with shady trees lots of café bars, now I have to admit most of my spending money on my road trips does go on sitting in café bars experiencing the local coffee and cakes!!! Also people watching, another one of my hobbies which will become more than apparent as the road trip unfolds, well on my return anyway when I will let you know how many I have visited.

Sorry just lost my way thinking of cakes!!, so back to St Nic as I will call it from now, found out that there is a flea market on Sundays which just so happens to be the day I land so will have a quick look around here, which should then take me quite nicely to lunch.

So sorry for now that is it from me look out for my next instalment around the Cap which will be coming soon.

Lynn Bailey

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