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Expect grins all round as today as been dubbed ‘Happy Monday!’

After the post-Christmas anti-climax, weeks of scraping for money following the Christmas spending spree, and the frustration of dark winter days, cold weather, and returning to work, Happy Monday offers us the first and most authentic happy day of the year.

It’s the day we finally feel invigorated after the post-Christmas hangover and it comes just three days after most of the country breathes a sigh of relief (we know we did!) on receipt of its first pay cheque of the year.

Happy Monday has come just two weeks after Blue Monday, which according to experts was the most depressing day of the year!

According to Dr David Holmes, acclaimed senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, today is the most significant of the ten happy days we all experience in a regular year because it’s a junction between the first paycheque of the year and the booking of the annual family holiday – so get booking everyone!

For the majority of us, the other happiest days of 2011 include:

•Our birthday

•Christmas Day

•May Bank Holiday

•Two August Bank Holidays

•The day we depart on our summer holiday

•March 27 – the day the clocks go forward and we get lighter nights

•Christmas Eve

•Midsummers day (June 21)

Take a look at the Mail Online for the full story! –

Let us know if you agree with us and think today is the first day you feel really happy this year.

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