Kay Dodds

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN - Al Fresco Holidays

We know that when it comes to next years’ holiday, trying to find a place to keep all the family happy is one of the years’ hardest decisions, and we think it’s criminal to cloud such an exciting event!

After racking our brains until they hurt we have found the key – we can play matchmaker!

Using info such as family ages, holiday preferences and past visits we will choose the perfect Thomson Al Fresco parc for your next holiday.

Whether you want to chill out with some quality family time, run the kids ragged with fun filled events, or just have a luxury base for some sightseeing days – we will be able to cater for your needs!

We just want to know, the age of your family (e.g. toddler, primary, secondary school or late teens), whether you want a lively or relaxing holiday or if you have any preferences for destination – tweet this info to us @ThomsonAlFresco, and we will get back to you with your match!

Just call us cupid.

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