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With the recent increase in airport charges, we need to think of other ways to get the most from our summer holiday budgets.

Flying less than 2000 miles from London, including most of Europe has a tax increase of 9% per person.

An article on the independent.co.uk details the full info about the air tax rises.

This can add up to an awful lot for a family of four..

Do not despair though! There are ways of travelling quickly and more cheaply to our favourite European destinations this summer.. One of our reps caught a train from Warrington all the way down to the south of France! He travelled to London and got the Eurostar over to Paris and then caught the final train down to Lille. It’s an easy journey and the changes mean it’s split into manageable chunks.

Going by train does mean you don’t have endless queues to get through security or run the risk of your fight being cancelled due to an ash cloud or air traffic control strikes.

La Croix du Vieux Pont is located close to Paris which means it is a perfect destination to go via train. Its proximity to Disneyland Paris is also great for younger ones and the parc owner will even arrange day or overnight trips to the theme park.

All our holidays are quoted including ferry crossing for a standard vehicle making this an economical way of travelling and most of our parcs can easily be reached by car and ferry.

There is a great deal this week on holidays to La Baume on Cote d”Azur, France when booked before 1 December 2010. Save £89 on the holiday for up to six people in a self-catering Rossini mobile home, costing just £265.50.

Will this tax increase change the way your family will holiday this summer? Have you ever taken a long train journey with your family? Let us know your thoughts!

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