Don’t be low, be raring to go! - Al Fresco Holidays

Here at Thomson Al Fresco we are already bored of wrapping ourselves in countless layers before stepping out of the house, or starting the day off in a bad mood from frantically hunting an umbrella out from the six we know are lying around somewhere. Which is why we weren’t surprised when we found out 41% of Brits have already started to book next year’s summer holiday!

With fond memories of this year’s fantastic summer getaways in mind, and the holiday blues kicking in over a month ago, the first weekend in October proved to be a hit with everyone to get ahead of the game and sort out next years adventure.

Booking next year’s holiday doesn’t even seem to be a stress for most, as returning to the same place five times seems to be popular for a guarantee of familiarity and comfort.  Tried and tested by a third of Brits who choose Spain and France over any exotic, unknown places!

So seriously, stop moping around about the fact you now have to light the fire, or switch the central heating on, and do something to make you feel better – give yourself something to look forward to!

You can see our research here on the Daily Mail website.  We hope it inspires you to get planning for next year.

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