Tune in to the Chart - Al Fresco Holidays

Forget the flipflops, the beer gardens, and even the Pimms, the one and only thing that can make or break a summer is the beat!

From the upbeat classic No Speak Americano, to the mellow hit Aeroplane, there is no doubt that 2010 has been full of top class tunes, but will the likes of Brian Adams and Bananarama be a match for the newbies? Will you choose Summer Lovin’ with grease over visiting Club Tropicana with Wham? And let’s not forget the many sounds of the Beach Boys, as they go Surfin’ USA looking for California Girls.

These top tunes are likely to cause a huge debate, if they haven’t already. So here at Thomson Al Fresco, we can’t help wondering what is the all-time best summer song.

As usual, there was music a plenty through out all of our campsites this summer, from rap, rock, pop, jazz and even swing for the oldies to bop to! But now as the days are getting gloomier and the nights are getting darker, we think it’s about time to find a winner.

Did you find your favourite when you were driving in the sunshine, chilling out at a friends BBQ or dancing the night away on that once in a lifetime, summer holiday with your friends? Whether it was in the 60’s, 80’s, or naughties, we want to know.

We need to find the favourite summer tune of all time, and we need you to help. Please click here for our two minute survey.

Help much appreciated!


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