Family Holiday in Italy – ALTOMINCIO - Al Fresco Holidays

Kids, kids, kids – the main focus on a family holiday, and the main focus at Froggy’s Kingdom, Altomincio.

Most people go on holiday to enjoy a splash in the pool, right? Well imagine, not just one pool but one heated pool and one lagoon style paddle pool, with two water slides, and in water entertainment all through the evening. Just grab your cossie, and start partying in the water!

A refreshing realisation is that this car-free site most definitely puts safety first. I bet most of us can’t count the number of bumps and bruises from supposedly care free fun in the pool. This site wisely swaps tiling for a sand based PVC flooring in the pool, making flying down the water chutes pure pleasure.

The best part is that it is jam-packed with not only activities but naughty treats. To satisfy the sweet tooth, the central hub holds an on site ice cream parlour and Froggy’s bar piled with goodies. A true kid’s haven, and mine!

The adults are not left out, however. A free newspaper service is available, with delivery before wake up time, and children’s clubs are ready and waiting to give parents some time to unwind alone. The days of kids circling the pool alone while their parents lap up the sunshine, are gone!

An on site booking office is also on offer to organise your trips and make the most of the holiday. Treasures such as fun-filled Gardaland, the city of Verona, and some of Italy’s most beautiful old villages are right on the doorstop, and help is on hand to help you discover the best of these.

Froggy’s Kingdom is most importantly geared towards keeping the little ones happy, which ultimately keeps the adults happy!

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