Summer in Lake Garda - Al Fresco Holidays

Summer is finally upon us here on ‘Bella Italia’ and not before time!  The first half of May was a complete washout with crazy storms all across the lake.  The first of which not only brought down our gazebo, but a couple of trees too!  Luckily no-one was hurt and the gazebo has been given new life with the help of a lot of duct tape…

It’s football fever in Northern Italy with the warm up to the World Cup and Inter Milan’s historic win in the Champions League this month.  There were a lot of teary eyed Munich fans that night!  Some of the campsites in the area are preparing to have big screens to show the tournament and with Italy as defending champions, the atmosphere should be electric.

Bella Italia’s animation team are getting into the swing of things with activities and shows all day every day.  With their endless amounts of energy they seem to spend a lot of time bouncing around the pool area drumming up new recruits for that day’s adventures!

With temperatures soaring as we head into June and Lake Garda just about warm enough to swim in, we’re looking forward to a long hot summer…

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