Discovering the Diverse Landscapes of the Amorica Regional Natural Park


Travellers of all ages flock to Brittany for their holidays. The region offers something for everyone, from wind-tossed sand-dunes and vast sandy beaches to gently rolling hills and quaint villages. It’s a wonderful spot to escape the daily turmoil of everyday life and to take the time to relax amidst some truly spectacular natural surroundings. [...]

Open Air in the Green Heart of Austria: Hiking and Cycling in Styria


Source: Flickr Located in the south east of the country, Styria; with its rich wineries, sun-soaked, verdant hills and alpine scenery, isn’t called Austria’s ‘Green Heart’ for nothing. From breath-taking gorges and looming mountains to pleasant green meadows, Styria has a reputation for being a paradise for nature-lovers, and as a result, it’s gained a [...]

Dutch Delights: Exploring Amsterdam with the Family


The city of Amsterdam means many things to many different people. To some, it’s a city of canals and meandering cycle paths, of relaxing boat trips past steep roofed houses and of enjoying the urban atmosphere. Others flock to the city to benefit from its permissive personality, with thousands visiting the red light district per [...]

Royal Residences and Courtly Castles: The Chateaux of Orleans


The Loire Valley in France is widely acknowledged across Europe as one of the finest spots for visiting chateaux (castles). Often nestled in the lush, fertile meadows and woods around Orleans, the historic buildings provide the perfect opportunity for Francophiles to discover more about the country, and for imaginative types to lose themselves in the [...]

Walking in Paradise: A Guide to the Best Hiking Routes in Corsica


Source: Flickr Corsica is widely regarded as a hiker’s paradise. The diverse yet consistently spectacular natural landscape lends itself perfectly to walking, with a vast array of trails that lead across sandy Mediterranean beaches, through verdant fields and between snow-capped mountain ranges. In recent years, Corsica’s reputation as a premier hiking destination has risen; and [...]

Experiencing the Perfect Day in Cannes, Antibes and Nice


Glamour, glitz and seemingly endless summer sun; there are few destinations that can rival the French Riviera when it comes to enjoying a taste of the high life. Rewind a hundred years or so and the French Riviera was only a series of small fishing villages, clinging to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. However, [...]

Romans, Renaissance and Irresistible Romance: Lose Yourself in Historical and Cultural Florence


From its initial inception as a Roman garrison on the Arno River, right through to its illustrious renaissance and thriving 21st century popularity, Florence continues to maintain its reputation as one of the most historical, cultural locations on the planet. The name itself is enough to conjure up images of romantic twilight walks across the [...]

A Guide to the Italian Lakes of Bracciano and Bolsena


Rich history and culture, world-renowned food, some of the most luxurious Mediterranean beaches in the continent; its small wonder that Italy is so popular with travellers! Although many visitors flock to the country to enjoy the historic treasures of Rome or the romantic ambiance of Venice, Italy also boasts a completely different holiday experience, far [...]

Spectacular Scenery and Solitude: Top Things to do on the Swiss-French Border


The 573 kilometre stretch of land that makes up the French-Swiss border is not, perhaps, the best choice of destination for a family looking for theme parks, loud entertainment and beaches in bucket-loads. However, for many people, this is seen as a definite advantage! Quiet, reserved, with an overwhelming abundance of dramatic mountain scenery and [...]

Family Friendly Festivals in Europe


Thank You For the Music: Family Friendly Festivals in Europe Rewind a couple of decades, and holidays abroad were mostly about one thing and one thing only. Hitting the beach (and most importantly, of course, a sunny beach) was the sole priority of families heading to Europe for their holidays, and a week or two [...]